Megan Jumago


Brad Simpson

Megan Jumago and Brad Simpson

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

How He Met Her

Once upon a time, a guy met a gal at a Timbers game... Several months later, that guy went out with that gal again, but this time to Mission Theater to watch John McClane and Hans Gruber battle it out in Die Hard. After a follow-up showing of the original Terminator a week later, that guy knew that this girl was for real...or she just liked cheesy action movies (correct too). They saw each other some more, spent Wednesdays with her family watching Survivor, went on walks with Bernie (dog), drank Whiskey and traveled the world. And so here we are, embarking on a commitment to be at each other's side until the very end.

We want to thank our families and friends for all of their love and support. Our lives would not be as fulfilled without the role each of you have played. We look forward to celebrating our wedding with all of you and hope you are able to join us on October 20, 2017 in Portland, Oregon.

With Love,

Megan & Brad

*Please note that this will be an adults only celebration
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